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The buildings we call bungalow houses and tiny houses have been preferred by those who want to have a holiday in recent years and have even become new living spaces for many people. In this article, we have examined for you what tiny house and bungalow houses, which have become popular due to being intertwined with nature, portability, calmness, affordability and ecological friendliness, actually, what are the advantages of staying here, what privileges Yörük Ali Mansion offers to its guests for a holiday.

Bungalow houses are small nature houses with a single storey or a second floor built on a pitched roof and surrounded by large verandas.

The word “Bungalow”, derived from the Indian language, spread all over the world from here. Initially, these types of houses were built by the British in India. This type of structures, which started to be used in the 19th century, are positioned close to the ground; It was decorated with large stalactites and eaves. Bungalow houses designed to withstand high temperatures were accommodated in summer and winter.

Today, Bungalows are frequently preferred by travelers and excursionists due to their easy construction and portability; Especially with the last Pandemic period, it has attracted the attention of all holidaymakers looking for silence.

Tiny house, Sarah Susanka’s book “The House Not That Big” published in 2007 is considered the beginning of this concept. Tiny house, which we can translate into Turkish as “Small House, Micro House”, is to describe not only the small size of the house, but also its portability and minimalness in every respect.

Living in micro houses; It is a social movement that emerged with the global economic crisis between 2008 and 2012 to live with less expense, less damage to nature and in a more minimal way. All ideas, architectural solutions and products to consume less are of great importance for tiny house and this is adopted as a lifestyle.

The main purpose of the small house use is to offer a sustainable lifestyle for every living thing in a minimal, non-consumption, respectful way to nature. Therefore, houses and rooms are designed in the most compact way possible. Tiny house, which can be built on wheels or fixed, can be in any shape, form and size according to your preference. It provides a nature-friendly life thanks to its solar panel system, lithium battery energy storage, compost toilet, reuse of gray water for irrigation.

Tiny houses and bungalows in almost every region of Turkey are frequently used to live, spend a certain time of the year and take a vacation. These structures, which have become the favorite holiday form of holidaymakers in Antalya, especially in the Mediterranean, have become a concept frequently preferred by those who want to enjoy nature and peace.

With these structures, which provide a wonderful opportunity for those who want to find the comfort of home in nature, you can adopt a life that is both respectful to nature and less consumption.

You can get rid of unnecessary items and excesses and spend a more simple and peaceful holiday.

Of course, the most preferred reason for this type of building is its silence and calmness. If you want to get away from everyone and everything and breathe comfortably, you can stay in bungalow houses during your holiday.

You can stay peacefully in the forest and in nature, without sacrificing technology, comfort and safety in all four seasons.

Despite their small and cute structures, these houses have features that can meet all your needs during your holiday. In a bungalow holiday, you can wake up with a view of nature and taking your first step to the ground, unlike a cold hotel lobby, as soon as you step out of the house.

With its portable structure, not harming the ecological structure, having a detox effect with its clean air, safety, economy and the advantages it has in all four seasons, these houses will get rid of the tiredness, stress and troubles of the city; You will have a unique holiday.

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